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Bernice brings a wide range of experience in strategic communications and policy development as well as an exceptional background in regulatory analysis, political campaigns, digital advocacy and the legislative process.


Bernice has worked for members in both houses of California’s Legislature and has also worked for the United States Congress in Washington D.C.


With more than a decade of experience, Bernice brings an unparalleled set of skills in developing and implementing strategic public affairs campaigns for a wide range of clients.  Her work with various government agencies, third-house and trade associations, has given her a unique view into all aspects of government and provided an edge in shaping the political and regulatory climate in California. 


Additionally, Bernice is a native Spanish speaker. During her time in the legislature, Bernice conducted the Senate Minority Leader's Spanish Radio Address. In this capacity, she translated and recorded the Spanish Radio Address for weekly distribution. She also served as the Spanish media liaison at the Board of Equalization for the office of Board Member and former Senator George Runner (Ret.)


Prior to joining Miller Public Affairs Group, Bernice was responsible for developing and executing a statewide communication plan to increase public awareness and influence public policy outcomes for the association representing California’s more than 2,000 special districts.


Bernice is a former Senate Fellow and an active member of the Capital Fellows Alumni Association.


Senior Director

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